SPECIAL EVENT - Through the power of breath, intention, active meditation & healing vibration of sound we will activate and release old patterns, energetic blockages and bring you home to an experience of wholeness within. Relax and immerse in the healing sounds of the Didgeridoo, flute, medicine drum and crystal sound bowls.

TUESDAY WEEKLY RELEASE – Breathwork is a powerful way to consciously connect holistically to your body, opening channels for emotional, mental and physical healing. It assists in reducing anxiety, stress and depression and will positively change your life!! This session includes a beautiful sound bath meditation.

FRIDAY GRATITUDE – Flow into Friday with love and gratitude. This beautiful slow flow breathwork, sound healing and circle with cacao to share and connect will allow you to fully immerse into your body, connect and set intentions for a brighter and lighter weekend.

FOR YOU – Sometimes we just need a time where we are held, nurtured and guided alone. These sessions take place in a quiet and cleansed space at my studio, where you are absorbed in a much deeper and purer place of self-consciousness the emphasis is on you as an individual to suit your needs.

EVENT PACKAGES – These sessions are ideal for the workplace, employees, groups of all adult ages, special events, & retreats. Give your employees or retreat attendees the time to reset and declutter their busy minds, allowing opportunity for additional creativity and self-growth.

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