Meet Nancy

Hi nice to meet you!

First and foremost I am a mum, with two beautiful grown up girls who I absolutely adore. After some traumatic passed experiences I decided I was worth investing in and have really worked on me! being more present, being more emotionally intelligent and aware, learning techniques to calm my mind and stop myself from reacting on emotion and I am still learning everyday. Learning breathwork was a profound shift for me. I first experienced the power of breathwork during a retreat I attended 11 years ago.  I was absolutely astounded how this powerful transformational technique was able to release so much negative emotional energy and bridged such a deep physical and spiritual connection just through breathing differently and consciously. 

I recently reconnected with breathwork after struggling with anxiety and depression during a traumatic marriage breakdown, I wanted to feel and heal naturally .  It was important for me to heal from within, but I needed help and remembered my profound experience with breathwork.  After I completed a 4 day detox breathwork workshop I was able to feel normal again, the constant regurgitating of negative emotions slowed down and I knew I had started a transformational healing journey, it was a profound experience, one in which saved my life.  

I have an extreme passion for health and healing and was finally aligning myself with my purpose and after completing this course I developed an extreme passion for breathwork and wanted to share it with the world, I furthered my studies to enable me to guide people through this incredibly powerful experience, and repay the gift of having a better life for which I am eternally grateful for.  My deepest purpose and intention is “to help people find their true authentic selves”. I look forward to meeting you.

Nancy xo